Our Farmer’s Market opened last Saturday, bringing us fresh, local asparagus that was promptly brought in, roasted and turned into an addictive cream soup. Watch for that again this Saturday at lunch.


Weekend Entree: Chicken Paprikash

Breasts seem to get all the attention, but don’t overlook the delightful thigh. We treat chicken thighs to a slowly braised heat in a toasted smoked paprika broth. Served over egg noodles and covered with a sour cream sauce and sell for $12. This simple, rustic and slow food is a good antidote to a fast work week. Unwind with us at bread&cup.

We’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.

Breasts vs Thighs

One thought on “Breasts vs Thighs

  • May 9, 2008 at 10:30 am

    The soup has butter and cream in it, so depending on what denomination of vegetarian you are….

    savory bread pudding is back on the Saturday morning menu now, serving from 8am – 10:30am

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