I chuckle when I hear someone tell us, “You’re the best kept secret in Lincoln.” Of course we didn’t go into business to stay unknown, but I appreciate the spirit of the sentiment.

This is part of being new. We still meet people everyday who have come in for the first time, who admit they had no idea we were here until a friend told them. This is the best kind of advertising. It’s less expensive and much more effective, so thanks to all of you who are telling people about us. We appreciate it very much.

However, there are a few secrets about bread&cup that you may want to know about from our perspective, and one of them is knowing when is an optimal time to stop in. Since we make all our bread from scratch everyday, you won’t get a fresher cinnamon roll than at 7am, just as they come out of the oven. For you morning people out there, a freshly brewed French Press with our dark roasted Saratoga Blend, a cinnamon roll and the newspaper is a great way to start a Saturday.

Turn the clock ahead a few hours to 9:30am, when our baguettes come out of the oven. As a baker, I get to experience this anytime I like, but I forget that very few people have enjoyed a hot baguette straight out of the oven, lathered in sweet butter. This is one of the simplest pleasures of which I never grow tired. So for the not quite as early riser, I recommend rolling in about 10am for fresh bread & butter. You won’t be disappointed.

Fear not the carb, but rather beware of the debilitation of a worrisome life.

See you Saturday.


One thought on “bread&butter

  • March 9, 2008 at 1:45 am

    Baguettes fresh out of the oven are indeed wonderful. I’ll have to stop in some Saturday morning.


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