Miles Davis, Anchor Steam and a Quiet Restaurant

Once again I find myself alone on a late afternoon after sending the staff home early to enjoy the holiday, so I turn thumb through the iPod wheel to MusicArtistMiles DavisAlbumKind of Blue, pour myself an Anchor Steam and write down these thoughts.

Less than a week ago, our meager little restaurant was chosen by the Omaha World Herald as a top ten spot for food in 2008. I don’t know that I took time to let this sink in until now, but in this year end, melancholic moment of reflection, I am trying to remedy … more »

What I mean, not what I say

I have learned a few good lessons about Christmas over the years and most of them pertain to what NOT to do, especially in relation to celebrating the holidays with a woman.

I always remember my dad’s number one rule in Christmas shopping was to never buy her anything that would create work. Even if it is a supposed time saving device that will shave hours off a particular task, his advice was to stay far away. So needless to say, as I was growing up, Mom never got an iron or crock pot or new vacuum or even a … more »

Gramma, can I pump the water?

My grandmother lived in a house with no indoor plumbing up to her passing away in 1972. I was only 9, but enough memories of that place were formed in me by that time that I can recall them vividly now in adulthood.

To a small boy, pumping water from a well 15 yards outside the back steps was novel and adventurous. I can still sense the taste of that cold, mineral bite from the water drawn out of the shale several feet into the earth. When I went to visit, that was one of the jobs I volunteered to … more »