On baking bread and building guitars

Last night the Taylor Guitar Road Show came through our town, so it gave me a chance to call up another fellow Taylor owner to go hear about their new instruments and fondle the higher prices ones that I could only afford in my dreams. I was reminded why I always wanted one of their guitars.

Bob Taylor was just a kid in school with an early interest in building a guitar in his shop class. That desire has never left him. But if you peel back the layers of the story, you begin to see that guitar making is … more »

Our next Slow Meal, Thurs, November 20

Beaujolais Nouveau
“new wine, new food”

Thursday, November 20
Service begins at 6:00pm

Beaujolais Nouveau is the annual celebration of the new wine released from the Beaujolais region in France, held on the third Thursday of November. While the wine is simple and immature, it is symbolic of the joy of the most recent harvest, and gives cause to gather, enjoy good food and good company.

We are tapping into this tradition with an observance of our own, a chance for you to try new wine and new food. One challenge as a chef is knowing how to introduce new more »

Chef & Artist

Here is a picture of my favorite tagine from the Chef & Artist Meal we served at bread&cup last Saturday evening. Local artist Seth Green crafted this beautiful piece on the left. I commented that it looked like a mosque, and that’s when I found out some of his inspiration has come from studying Arab architecture.

The Slow Meal is my favorite aspect of preparation and service in our restaurant. It allows us to be focused and deliberate toward bringing the best we can offer, and in turn the guest receives more attention, and I believe a more satisfying experience.more »

Making Pasta

Friday Night has become Pasta Night at bread&cup. Every Thursday we mix a batch of pasta dough that gets sheeted on Friday and formed into the various shapes of fettuccine, linguini fini, lasagna, tortellini, ravioli and such.

In some ways, pasta is just another form of bread, only cooked in boiling water instead of hot air. It contains flour, water, eggs and salt. The missing element is leavening.

We make our pasta with unbleached bread flour and whole wheat flour instead of semolina that is often called for in recipes. I like the tenderness it yields, plus its easier to … more »

Learning to fly when you ain’t got wings

You don’t have to listen long to find something about which to be anxious these days. Discussions of the future of the economy, the ongoing war in Iraq, and worry about what the next President will have to face are as ubiquitous as fleas on a dog. No wonder we find ourselves depressed.

Such is the case with bad news. The weight of it will always act with gravitational pull on the soul, pressing us downward instead of up.

It always takes more energy to fly than to freefall.

In order to sky dive, all one needs is a height … more »

Soup List for October

It’s 5:07am, the typical time I start my day, unless its Wednesday, by which time I am already mixing dough and proofing cinnamon rolls. I’ve always been a morning person, not by choice, but more by surrender. My body wakes up early and won’t go back to sleep again until after lunch. This is why I wish our culture adopted the practice of siesta. This one little change would make things a whole lot easier on me.

The rewards of bread&cup have been many, especially in these last two week since the review was published in the Omaha World Heraldmore »