Hanging out your shingle.

A recent profile I was updating asked two questions about my business card. The first was, “What’s the title on your business card?” And the second, “What should your title be?” Since it was time to order new cards, I decided to make a change.

It now reads, “owner/entertainer.” That may invoke images of me singing or dancing or telling jokes (and you don’t want that) so allow me to explain.

I don’t mind being referred to as chef by others, but I am hesitant to give myself the moniker. I have too much respect for the title. Chefs have … more »

New website soon

We are redesigning our website to consolidate the blog, and offer more photos of our food and interior. Kris was in Friday to take a few morning shots and came up with some that might be categorized as food porn.

We are open regular hours on Memorial Day. If you have friends or family in town, stop by for a bite or a pint or a glass or a bottle or….

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But I hate asparagus…

Ruhlman’s thought proves true again. Bound up in the soul of a chef is to cook to make people happy. I got to do that again last night. It doesn’t get old.

Dave brought me fresh morel mushrooms from his secret spot late last week. The little brain-looking fungi have almost no aroma in their raw state, but apply a little heat and you wonder where such deep flavor comes from. I sautéed a few to sample. Whoa! Our folks are going to love these!

On Market Day I found asparagus, spinach, arugula and Greek style feta from the goat … more »

How I build a soup

To me, one of the most difficult aspects of creativity is knowing where to start. When starting with a blank canvas, what color do you start with? Or when composing a song, which key to begin? Some folk seem to feel confined with a formula, but for me, it provides a good launching point.

When I create a soup, I look to assemble three predominant ingredients that will provide a major, distinct flavor combination. Everything else is just an enhancement.

Take our Pork & Green Chile Soup. I wanted a soup that I could use green chile as a flavor … more »

Breasts vs Thighs

Our Farmer’s Market opened last Saturday, bringing us fresh, local asparagus that was promptly brought in, roasted and turned into an addictive cream soup. Watch for that again this Saturday at lunch.


Weekend Entree: Chicken Paprikash

Breasts seem to get all the attention, but don’t overlook the delightful thigh. We treat chicken thighs to a slowly braised heat in a toasted smoked paprika broth. Served over egg noodles and covered with a sour cream sauce and sell for $12. This simple, rustic and slow food is a good antidote to a fast work week. Unwind with us at bread&cup.more »

Chefs and Bakers

My daughter asked me the other night as we were watching an episode of Top Chef if I ever wanted to be on the show. I told her no, which wasn’t a satisfactory answer, so she pressed me to explain why.

I realize I am going to grossly over generalize here, but chefs and bakers are two different breeds in the kitchen. Granted there is a crossover, but usually you see one or the other. Words like spontaneous and impulsive come to mind if I were to describe the players on the TV show. They always seem a little hot … more »