Working for the weekend

The cold weather is finally starting to relent, giving way to warmer evenings and more opportunities to linger outdoors with good food and good conversation. Our patio seating is ready for you to take advantage. Why not this weekend? First Friday Art Walk, Farmer’s Market opening Saturday, Husker Baseball across the bridge at Hawks Field all weekend. Make bread&cup your home base to start and end your activities.


This weekend’s dinner entrée

Braised Beef Short Ribs
Dinner Special

Beef short ribs braised in red wine, rosemary, and garlic. Served with a pilaf of malted wheat and root vegetables. … more »

Let me tell you why we do it this way…

I spot two kinds of people in the kitchen. One type has the tendency to listen to your instructions in order to do, and get the job done. It’s the “Is This Going To Be On The Test” mentality. The way education as we know it is set up enables this bent. Just the facts, bottom line, and Git-R-Done are among the text of the mantra.

And then there are those who listen to instruction in order to learn. These are the easiest to teach, because they realize learning is as much their job as it belongs to … more »

Coming Soon…

The Market Meal
begins May 17

Beginning the third weekend in May, we will be offering a market fresh meal each Saturday evening. We will troll the Farmer’s Market early on Saturdays and choose the best, freshest items in season for the meal that night. We will post the menu that morning at our booth and store, and on the web. It should prove to be a pleasurable challenge to create simple, memorable food for you to enjoy.

This weekend’s dinner entrée

Jamaican Jerk Pork and Rice
Dinner Special

Jerk Pork is traditionally roasted on a charcoal grill, but … more »

No Weekend Entree

Karen and I celebrate our 18th anniversary this week and so we decided we’d better get out of town to remind ourselves that we are married to each other and not the restaurant.

Our regular menu will be available this Saturday for the Spring Game. Stop in before and/or after for a pint, bottle of wine or bite to eat. Hopefully we’ll have the weather to sit outside and enjoy the patio.

We’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.… more »

Could you wipe that down?

The details involved in a running a restaurant are a never ending infinite loop, similar to feedback produced from pointing a microphone directly into an amplifier. They just keep getting louder and louder and LOUDER AND…There is always something to chop, mix, refine, season, wipe down, put away, sweep up, straighten, polish, dust, wash…and so on.

This is why I love and hate the kitchen.

I love it because there is always something to do. Unlike some jobs I’ve had where you have to stand around and look busy, the kitchen is never in want of a task to be … more »

The Soul of a Chef

There is a quote on the wall facing our employees in the small, open kitchen in our restaurant. I point it out to us regularly as a reminder of the motive behind what we do.

Food is a demanding business. The early hours, the long days, the late nights, the aching feet and knees, the burns from fiery hot pans, the anxiety over everything being hot enough, clean enough, seasoned enough; all this can drive a person crazy and run him or her directly into another career. Unless of course you are one of those who recognize what the heart more »

First Friday in April

We’re getting ready for a busy night in the Haymarket. With the First Friday Artwalk, a new exhibit at the WorkSpace Gallery next door, a Husker baseball game at 6:35pm at Hawks Field and a glimpse of nicer weather, we expect a fun crowd. Tonight would be a great time to visit bread&cup for our weekend entrée.

Friday and Saturday we will be serving Apple Curry Chicken, a slow made creation starting with a split breast of chicken, marinated in apple puree and braised with chicken stock, apples, sweet onion and parsnips. It is served over rice with a creamy … more »