The challenge of eating food

It’s becoming harder to find food these days, say nothing about good food.

Before we opened our doors last year, we had the usual sales calls from businesses trying to sell us their products, things like Yellow Pages, insurance, alarm systems and so on. The food distributors were the best, however, at misunderstanding our concept all together.

Any good salesperson takes the time to understand the customer first, and then should assess whether or not to waste their effort barking up the wrong tree. So when the food guy comes to my door with a catalog of countless pre-made, pre-packaged, … more »

Eat when you’re hungry

We are ingrained in the 3 meals a day approach to eating, which is a reasonable way our culture has managed the human need for sustenance, but it really isn’t a necessary or sacred practice. Our bodies have built in mechanism to signal to us when we should eat. That signal is hunger.

But for most of us, our problem is that we don’t eat when we are hungry.

About ten years ago, as I was training for a marathon, I found that additional mileage was creating a greater caloric demand, for which I could not adequately satisfy by just … more »

Next Slow Meal

Announcing our final Slow Meal for the season. We have some new dinner events planned for the warm weather months and will unveil those in April. Below is the date and menu for this relaxed, extended evening of food, wine and conversation

A Slow Meal
Saturday, April 12th
$60 per person – advance purchase required. Call 402.438.2255 to reserve your place.

5 courses, 3 wines, 1 outstanding evening

Malted Wheat Dumplings with Herb Infused Olive Oil
Maytag Blue Cheese Soup
Stuffed Portabella Mushroom
Braised Beef Short Ribs
Bananas Foster… more »

New Soup Schedule

Kernel & Grain – Vn
Garlic & Bacon

Red Beans & Rice – Vn, GF
Pork & Green Chile

Split Pea & Sausage – GF
White Bean & Tomatillo Salsa – V

French Onion – GF
Curried Tomato & Peanut – Vn

Black Bean & Lime Salsa – Vn, GF
Beef & Red Chile

Curried Tomato & Peanut – V, GF

V = vegetarian (may contain honey)
Vn = vegan
GF = gluten free… more »

New Soups for Spring

Here is a list of our latest soup creations and a bit about how they came to be.

Kernel & Grain

As a homebrewer, I often end up with extra or odd amounts of grain that I may not have be able to use right away for a batch of homebrew. I had an excessive amount of malted wheat set aside, more than I would ever use in brewing, so I decided to experiment with it in the kitchen, and this soup was the result.

Malted grain contributes a unique sweetness to the soup that cooperates with the sweetness of … more »


I chuckle when I hear someone tell us, “You’re the best kept secret in Lincoln.” Of course we didn’t go into business to stay unknown, but I appreciate the spirit of the sentiment.

This is part of being new. We still meet people everyday who have come in for the first time, who admit they had no idea we were here until a friend told them. This is the best kind of advertising. It’s less expensive and much more effective, so thanks to all of you who are telling people about us. We appreciate it very much.

However, there are … more »