A Slow Meal – March 15th

coming in March…

A Slow Meal
Saturday, March 15
Cost: $60 per person

Many of our friends who have experienced our Slow Meal admit they had never taken 2 ½ hours to eat before, but once it was complete, they never realized the time would seem to float by so effortlessly. We describe this as slow food for a fast world. Other food establishments brag about getting in, getting out and getting on with your life, we take a little different approach. Come in, slow down, relax, converse, eat, reflect and see what you’ve missed by being in such … more »

Announcing Modern Monks Arctic Storm

Join us this Thursday, Feb 21, as the Modern Monks tap the keg of their newest local brew, Arctic Storm. The event starts at 6:30pm and costs $15 for two pints and a modest selection of beer-inspired food.

I won’t say too much about it, but let you see for yourself. I will add that this is a very complex ale, which is why I tend more toward ales than lagers. I would also say to come early. Demand may exhaust our supply, and you wouldn’t want to be left without getting a taste of this great Nebraska product.… more »

Plant a garden

“Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just go buy tomatoes?”

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this response when I show a non-gardener my small vegetable patch in my backyard.

We have trained ourselves in our culture to evaluate most every thing pertaining to food from an economic standpoint. “Is it cheap?” wins out over most other concerns. We like our meals inexpensive so much so that we forget there are other pleasures also to be enjoyed.

This is why I recommend that this year be the one you plant a garden.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Even … more »

Why Miles Davis?

When people comment occasionally about our music choices in bread&cup, I usually end up telling my Miles Davis story.

I’m intrigued by beginnings, at how trends or movements get started. In this way, Vegas fascinates me, as does the collapse of the Soviet Union. And if I could step back in time, I would go back to 1959 and hear first hand the recording that many believe has had the biggest effect on music, even to this day.

Up through the 50’s, jazz music was increasing in its complexity. The popular bebop style was fast, intricate and exciting. But to … more »