An icon is a symbol that represents an idea, concept or story that is important to the observer. They are often associated with religious practices, but I would assert that we all make use of them in some way.

From eyeshot of my easy chair this morning I can see several in my home. Upon first encounter you would probably not call the framed print or the old license plate or wooden crate an icon, but if I explained to you the story behind each of those items, you would learn that everytime I look at these three pieces, they

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No way around it. We choose to live here. We get to freeze in January while all the other folks in southern states get off easy.

The human spirit shows great resiliency despite adversity and its response to weather is no exception. Take ice fishing, for example. What person in their right mind would sit out on a cold, frozen lake in a little hut trying to pull fish up out of icy water through an 8 inch hole?

You’d be surprised.

We all deal with the cold in different ways. Some people seem to be oblivious to it, like … more »

Bread Shapes

Why are there so many shapes of bread? When you see the array of fresh, artisan bread at a bakery, this is often a first question. I have two quick answers.

One is called the “crust to crumb” ratio. The crust is the outer portion of the bread, and the crumb being the inner part. Crust can vary from soft to very crisp. Crumb can result in airy to very fine and dense, depending on the technique.

The smaller and longer the loaf, the crustier the bread will be. The larger and more round the loaf, this leaves you with

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There can’t be a much more simple food than soup.

Even Andrew, one of our kitchen staff, asked me after making it if that was all there was to it, because it was the easiest soup he’s ever made. That’s one reason why I don’t give out the recipe. It’s embarrassingly simple.

The soup in reference is our Tomato Curry & Peanut, easily our most popular soup on the current active list of 11 we make each week. I love using peanut as a flavor component, but in past attempts of trying to incorporate it into a soup, I’ve come

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