For us, bread&cup is not just about selling food. We believe we are peddling ideas and information, as well. This is one of the things I love about the Farmer’s Markets. Every week we give our community an opportunity to come across a new find they can take home.

I believe we all love to learn something new. We were born with this curiosity. But the speed of life has the ability to wean us off of this nourishment. So when folks slow down and stop by our booth, we see it as a chance to help someone discover a thought, idea or technique. This makes our job that much more fun.

Take our Vanilla Apple Butter, for example. Such a homely, nondescript brown product we have out for sampling at our booth. It’s old fashioned. It’s something grandma made. It can be easily overlooked in a sea of other handmade foods. But when it gets tasted, we hear comments like these:

  • “Oh, wow…”
  • “This reminds me of my grandmother’s home…”
  • How do you make this…?”

The humble becomes the star. The meek inherits the earth.

Who knew a simple taste could lead to a story about going to visit their GranAnn, or questions about cinnamon or a discussion on how to use a whole vanilla bean?

But isn’t this why we go to Farmer’s Markets in the first place. Why else would we fight the army of cars for the reward of finding parking, swim through the sea of people, just to buy a simple little 8 oz container of something to spread on bread?

It’s because we need more than products; we need community. Products alone don’t tell stories. People do.

So come by bread&cup this Tuesday from 5-9 at Jazz in June, or Saturdays from 8-noon at the Farmer’s Market at 7th & P. You’ll get more than just food.

"You know, my grandmother used to make this….."