Experience is not always a good thing.

We don’t mind hiring experienced people, but experience isn’t necessarily a good indicator of being a good employee.

Bob Taylor, founder of Taylor guitars, was not a guitar maker before he started making his now famous handcrafted instruments. He believes it was his lack of experience that allowed him to approach the art from a completely different perspective. I own one of his guitars. I love it.

Contrast this with the currently popular food show on Bravo, Top Chef. Sure, lots of those people can cook with amazing skill, but somewhere along their culinary education some of them missed Emotional Intelligence on the course syllabus. Being a chef is not just about food. People make the food and people enjoy the food. People need to be given the same amount of care and attention as the ingredients.

If you are interested in working with a group of folks who absolutely love the process of food from start to finish, from the seed being planted in the soil all the way to the customer saying, “I loved it!” we think you would like working at bread&cup. Download and fill out an application, (www.breadandcup.com) then stop by our location at 8th & S between 2-4pm for an interview July 12, 16 or 17.

We are hiring good people.