We wanted a name that would embody our value of simplicity and represent the spirit of what we were trying to accomplish. The words needed to be representative of our menu.

The first word, bread, was pretty easy. Since handmade, artisan bread will be a cornerstone of our concept, we started with it.

Bread and…..

What would we add to it?

Wine has for ages been the drink of choice with bread, any kind of food for that matter.

Bread and Wine?

Too plain. Too limiting.

Beer is a form of bread, since its made with the same ingredients of grain, water and yeast.

Bread and Beer? Bread and Brew?

Not there yet.

What else will we be serving to drink? Coffee, soda, water. Things you put in a cup…


Bread and Cup?

I think we may have a name.

Simple food and drink.

Hey that fits, too.

Now I just wish the process was that simple.

The Name