When you survey the culinary landscape in the United States, it won’t take long to for the name Alice Waters to stand out. Her place on the map was marked by her restaurant in Berkeley, CA, titled Chez Panisse. She did nothing more than maintain a simple concept; put food on the menu that was fresh and in season. She has attained rock star status for doing what your grandma and grandpa did out of necessity.

It goes to show you that the best ideas aren’t new ones.

Our kind always seems to feel the need to experiment, explore and try new things, but somehow we always seem to find our way back home.

Fall is a great time of harvest as the earth prepares for her season of rest and leisure. Having worked so hard for so many months, I think we can grant her that privilege.

We have a nice array of cucurbits in this weekend from local growers. Squash and pumpkins make it to the soup menu next week. Stop in and give us a try.


One thought on “Revolution

  • October 7, 2007 at 6:32 am

    im excited for some squash soup. i’ll definitely be in soon.

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