To create an outstanding environment for conversation and reflection through the use of simple, memorable food served by attentive, thoughtful people.

This is our mission statement for bread&cup. Here is a little explanation to two common questions.

Are you encouraging people to sit around and talk?

Yes, for the simple reason that people crave more than food. We need a sense of community and connection. If all anyone needed or wanted was food we would create a drive through and not spend so much on the interior. Our culture loves to dine out for the experience as much as the savor of cuisine. It is our belief that we would be short sighted if we placed our attention solely on food without giving equal thought to where, why and how that food is consumed.

Why do couples go out to eat on a date? Why do you meet someone for coffee in a public place rather than your home? Why go to a spot for dessert after a meal instead of getting a frozen cheesecake from Super Saver? The answer is the same for each of these questions; a desire for connection with the people you are with, and what better way to experience that than through good food in a comfortable setting?

Why are we not trying to serve the best food in town?

To make as our mission to serve the best food in town is an unachievable goal. Because taste is so subjective, what measurement would we use to determine if we met that goal or not? An opinion poll? The soup that is good to you may be too bland for the next person. The bread you like may be too crusty for most folks. Opinions would be too varied. How would we know if we succeeded?

So instead of trying to chase an elusive target of winning popularity contest, we prefer to make as our mission the task of serving simple, memorable food. Any food is remembered primarily because of its flavor and presentation. As we decide on what to place on our menu, everything is judged by those two standards. What you see and what you taste on the plate is our main concern

Remember, we’ll set the table; you bring the conversation.

Mission Statement

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  • July 2, 2007 at 9:53 pm

    So I’ve got to say, between reading your blogs and talking to Karen the other day, I’m so excited for you guys! Watching someone else’s dream come to life and take shape is always fun, but it’s also an inspiration I think to “aim high” as Grandpa used to say.

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