On reflection, my marathon comparison yesterday, while accurate, was not the best description of what my body feels.

We just had a baby.

Those of you who are parents remember well the first kid. You find out you’re expecting. You plan and talk about and prepare for it for nine months. You look on the night stand and you’ll find a stack of parenting and baby name books 24 inches high from the library. You watch the tummy grow and grow as does the excitement and anticipation. You’ve gotten everything ready. The baby room is painted in colors corresponding to the child’s gender and then all of a sudden, everything changes.

You walk out of that hospital with baby in tow.

It’s now a different picture. Idea morphs into reality overnight. Dream becomes actual. Sleep goes out the window.

For us, our pregnancy has been almost 3 years of planning, envisioning and working toward Monday, the day we opened our doors for the public to see what we’re all about. Since then it has been nonstop. It must be obvious in my eyes since the most asked question of everyone to me is, “Have you slept yet?”

It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that other things seem more important than sleep right now. Like any parent, you want to know that your baby is OK and well cared for. Once it gets a little older, then you start getting into a new normal.

Making the baby was a whole lot more fun than changing those first diapers, but the joys of watching that poopy kid grow up will outlast most other pleasures.

Making Babies