I feel a need to explain why sometimes we run out of food to sell.

We are committed to bringing back a simpler product, one as described by a woman recently as, “like what you would make at home.” Other joints may claim that, but the concept of everything we sell has been born in a residence, not a restaurant.

We have no freezer or microwave on premise. We don’t have an unlimited back up of frozen inventory that can be nuked in a moments notice in case the tour bus pulls up outside our front door. Our menu starts the night before. There is no substitute for long, slow heat applied to a cut of meat to bring about superior flavor and tenderness. You just can’t have it without it.

We then make a guess the previous day, based on our best estimate of how much to prepare to meet the demand tomorrow. Most of the time we are pretty accurate, but on rare occasion we miss the mark. When that happens we must apologize for the shortfall and hope that our customers will understand our commitment to slow, simple fare.

If you haven’t visited us yet, this Saturday would be a great time to stop in before or after the Star City Parade.

Freezers and Microwaves

One thought on “Freezers and Microwaves

  • December 7, 2007 at 1:49 pm

    We’re bringing friends (their first time, our….50th?) next Wednesday!

    Any chance you guys could start serving mulled wine for the winter season? Isn’t that such a great idea?! 🙂

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