It’s starting to look like a restaurant now.

Paint on the walls, Ceiling tiles are going in. Tables and chairs are getting set up. Despite getting so much accomplished, the to-do list seems to keep getting longer and longer.

It’s easy in moments like these to forget how to fly and just simply freefall. The gravity from the demands and stress becomes very easy to yield to. Just step out and go with whatever force pulls the hardest.

But we must remember that it takes much more effort to stay airborne than to skydive. Jumping out of a plane is easier than all the effort that goes into keeping that plane in the air. The freefall is a short lived thrill, but the aircraft can take you places. The ride lasts a lot longer. You can see more from the air than from the plummet.

This is what I am constantly reminding myself during crunch time before opening. In order to stay aloft, I’ve got to keep the wings spread wide and the craft maintained.

The interesting thing about both flying and skydiving is that gravity is required for both activities. The same force that causes the rock to fall allows the bird to move along the air. Without gravity, we would just float.

So in this way gravity is a good thing. All that demands our attention this week acts like the gravitational pull of all things on the earth. The force is there to either take us downward, to allow us to fly.

Stay airborne.

Countdown to Friday