According to the eMyth, a great book on business start up, good business owners understand the three hats that must be worn if the venture is to be successful. There is the Entrepreneur hat, the Manager hat and the Craftsman hat. Each role is crucial, but most of us find ourselves preferring one hat over the others.

The Entrepreneur thinks about the big picture, the Manager is concerned with making the operation run smoothly, while the Craftsman is the one who makes the actual product. A person who loves to work on cars may want to open a mechanic shop for that very reason, but if he fails to consider the other two hats, his business could be short lived.

We all have been wearing the Entrepreneur hat in the two and a half year process of making bread&cup a reality. Lots of planning, thinking, dreaming and asking “What if…” The idea has existed largely in our minds and on paper.

But all that changed a week and a half ago when we had to don the Manager and Craftsman hat. We went from “What if…” to “Now what?” Someday became Today. Decisions about what kind of bread we would make morphed into making the bread every day.

The shift has felt a little like changing gears without a clutch. There is a lot of noise and grinding going on before it actually gets into the next gear. But eventually you get it engaged.

We have been amazed at the reception of bread&cup. The Entreprenuer hoped it would be so, but now the Manager and Craftsman know so. Please tell a friend, or better yet, bring a friend down to our end of the Haymarket for lunch or coffee. Stop by after the Saltdogs or movie. We’re open early and late.

We’ll set the table, you bring the conversation.

3 Hats