Simply good coffee


I’m really not sure why this method is not more common in the US, but the French Press or cafetiere, is a supreme way to make a pleasurable cup of coffee.

But like the old computer term GIGO (garbage in, garbage out), a cup of French Press is only as good as the coffee used. That’s why we use beans roasted by Cultiva Coffee Company.

I met John about a year ago and told him our business was looking for good, local vendors that we could work with symbiotically, vendors including Dark Roast Coffees subscription box, and

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Cinnamon Rolls

People in this town seem to have a love affair with cinnamon rolls. No doubt you have Miller & Paine to thank for that. I’ve heard many a story about how memorable they were. One guy recalled as a kid getting some with his dad every football Saturday after the drive in from Central Nebraska.

Knowing this, we figured we needed to pay special attention to what we offered in this category. From your response, I think we’ve hit the mark.

One key component I can reveal is the type of cinnamon we use. We use Saigon cinnamon, also known … more »

5 Tools I Won’t Do Without

Cooking in a commercial environment is different than in a residence. Generally you have more space in which to work. The equipment is bigger, hotter and more durable, which allows you to be more aggressive. However, there are a few tools that can crossover that I would not want to do without in either place. Here are my top five:

Immersion blender. Can be referred to as a stick blender or boat motor. (I have a large 375 watt unit that looks like a small trolling motor) You will be amazed at how many tasks this device can tackle. From … more »

Freezers and Microwaves

I feel a need to explain why sometimes we run out of food to sell.

We are committed to bringing back a simpler product, one as described by a woman recently as, “like what you would make at home.” Other joints may claim that, but the concept of everything we sell has been born in a residence, not a restaurant.

We have no freezer or microwave on premise. We don’t have an unlimited back up of frozen inventory that can be nuked in a moments notice in case the tour bus pulls up outside our front door. Our menu starts … more »

Back to normal

That was interesting, to say the least.

An unidentified white powder was found in a piece of mail in the Imigration building across the street, which called for a lockdown of the whole area. Several workers were forced to evacuate the building and decided to make bread&cup their waiting area. We made the most of it and found some new friends in the process. One of the guys was from Newton, Iowa and saw that we sold Maytag Blue Cheese (the town in which it is made), so we had a chat about all the uses of one of the … more »

Still Open

9:30 am
In case you’re wondering, there is a hazardous material alert in the building across the street, which is the reason for all the emergency vehicles out front. The streets have been blocked off from all directions, but if you’re in walking distance, we are still open for business.… more »