Beer and the Monks

A few years back, before bread&cup got started, and way before I started making my own ale, I recall a conversation at a pub in which a question was asked me, “so do you brew your own?” Our partner Kerry interrupted, as if on cue, “No, but he will eventually.”

I personally am fascinated by how things work, function and evolve. I love shows like the ones on Discovery Channel that tell about huge machines or how an enormous building was constructed. I watch Unwrapped or Made in America any time I see it on the screen as I surf … more »


When your family gets together, do you find that certain stories get retold over and over again? For us it was the time the pigs rooted through the fence on Sunday and how mom was such a sight trying to get them back into the pen in her church clothes and how the big muddy one scooted between her legs sending her to the ground like a toppled bowling pin or when I fell through the ceiling trying to install insulation in the attic and how five foot four Dad picked six foot me up and carried me out of … more »

An Ideal Holiday

I find a lot of us have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season. We love the ideals, but we hate the smothering stress that finds its way in. We love the notion of togetherness, of sharing good food and memories, but hate how the minor considerations get in the way of what is really important.

Keep perspective this year. Jot down what you want your holiday season to be. Take a sheet of paper and make two columns. Label one side IDEAL and the other side REAL. Under IDEAL put what you wish the holiday season could be, and … more »