Where am I?

It’s been almost three months since we opened. We could not have asked for a better start. Thanks are due to you, our customers, for helping put us on the map so quickly.

If we may impose, however, we want to ask for a little clarification. Amid the feedback from so many satisfied patrons, we get a very specific observation. If it was isolated to a handful of folks, it probably wouldn’t register on the radar. But we hear this one comment about our place so regularly; it makes us wonder if someone out there is prompting it.

“I don’t … more »

Long hours and sore feet

When we started planning for bread&cup, I knew we had a good idea in mind. I just wasn’t certain how good.

Judging from your comments over the last two months, it looks like we hit the mark.

Earlier this week, one of our staff asked me if what it felt like to see people coming into the restaurant and leaving with a smile on their face, saying something like, “We’ll be back soon!”

I told her that’s the point, that’s why we do what we do.

Despite the long hours, the aching feet, the details to keep up with, all … more »