When you survey the culinary landscape in the United States, it won’t take long to for the name Alice Waters to stand out. Her place on the map was marked by her restaurant in Berkeley, CA, titled Chez Panisse. She did nothing more than maintain a simple concept; put food on the menu that was fresh and in season. She has attained rock star status for doing what your grandma and grandpa did out of necessity.

It goes to show you that the best ideas aren’t new ones.

Our kind always seems to feel the need to experiment, explore … more »

Soup season

Now that the weather is shifting, we can now start featuring more soup on the menu. I find it interesting that the majority of phone calls I field, second only to sales calls, are inquiries asking “What’s your soup today?”

We’ve put together our fall selection of fresh, scratch made soups. Descriptions and availability are listed below.

Pork and Green Chile – GF

Potato and Rosemary – V
Pork and Green Chile – GF

Smoky Tomato – V
Potato and Rosemary – V

Chicken Noodle
Smoky Tomato – V

Black Bean with Lime Salsa – … more »

Simple Advice

People ask why the theme of simplicity is an important element of bread&cup. I think some of it stems from my dad’s philosophy of life. He was a simple man with very simple ideas, most of which, however, have had a lasting impact on me.

A favorite story illustrates this.

Before my wedding 17 years ago, I asked my dad for any advice he might give me about marriage. He paused a moment and gave me this gem of insight.

“Son, my minister told me that you can either be happy or right and that I should decide right now … more »

What’s it worth to you?

It may just be me, or election season, but I seem to find more references to values lately. Family values, core values, values-based leadership, American values, hometown values, conservative values…The list could start sounding like Bubba describing the different types of shry-ump. Regardless of what descriptor you use, it is vital to understand the essence of value.

I used to think that value came from the intrinsic or inherent worth of an object. Rolex watches are deemed better than Timex, and a Rolls Royce is valued at a higher price than a Ford, each because they cost more to make … more »