Not Yet.

Not yet open. The last piece of the puzzle is the Health Department inspection. Once they approve us, we’re ready to go.

To those of you who have already expressed your interest in our opening, we say Thank You. We look forward to serving you. The people in our building are already commenting on the aroma of bread wafting throughout the hallways. One person told me the smell seemed intoxicating. The comparison is a good one. Like wine, our bread does go through a fermentation process, which is why it smells so good before, during and after baking.

Hopefully all … more »

Remembering Dad

My dad passed away two years ago today. My first thought when he died was that he would never see bread&cup. I thought it appropriate to post an exerpt of the words I spoke at his funeral. Hope you enjoy it.


It took a while, as it does for most youth, to realize that the vistas of the world I was seeing was a direct result of the shoulders I was standing on. I thought in order to matter in the world, you had to go out and conquer it. But what I have learned from my dad, the … more »