Countdown to Friday

It’s starting to look like a restaurant now.

Paint on the walls, Ceiling tiles are going in. Tables and chairs are getting set up. Despite getting so much accomplished, the to-do list seems to keep getting longer and longer.

It’s easy in moments like these to forget how to fly and just simply freefall. The gravity from the demands and stress becomes very easy to yield to. Just step out and go with whatever force pulls the hardest.

But we must remember that it takes much more effort to stay airborne than to skydive. Jumping out of a plane is … more »


For those who are anxiously awaiting our opening this Friday, I regret to say that target date will not be met due to circumstances beyond our control.

It’s a catch-22. Like the old saying, ‘without a target, you will hit it everytime,’ we knew we needed to give everyone on the project an opening date to work toward, but we also knew there was always the possibility it might not be met.

So we planned for July 27. Told the contractor, told the inspectors, told the Health Department, told the newspaper, told our employees, told everyone we knew. We all … more »

Paying Attention

When I was a kid, my dad and I had a Sunday tradition of reading the funny papers together. When we would get to Doonesbury, I would often ask him to read and explain it to me. He would try to put the political concepts and sarcasm into words a seven year old could understand, but regardless of how he tried to describe it, invariably he would finish his explanation by saying, “you just have to pay attention, son.” That was his way of telling me that it was over my head.

One group of people who have definitely been … more »

We are hiring good people.

Experience is not always a good thing.

We don’t mind hiring experienced people, but experience isn’t necessarily a good indicator of being a good employee.

Bob Taylor, founder of Taylor guitars, was not a guitar maker before he started making his now famous handcrafted instruments. He believes it was his lack of experience that allowed him to approach the art from a completely different perspective. I own one of his guitars. I love it.

Contrast this with the currently popular food show on Bravo, Top Chef. Sure, lots of those people can cook with amazing skill, but somewhere … more »


Now we’re talking.

We are finally at a point where we can set a realistic start date. The construction is coming to an end. The front doors were set in place yesterday. The drywall complete. Equipment starts getting moved in today. Painting. Interviews. Permits. Approvals. Details, details, details. Lots to be done in the next two weeks.

Those newly installed doors get to be opened for business Friday, July 27 at 7am. The cinnamon rolls you get at the Farmer’s Market will be even better warm out of the oven as you sip a cup of dark French pressed coffee … more »

Red Pop

The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday for many reasons. Fireworks and food are among the top tier.

Living in a rural area gave us permission to shoot fireworks any way we chose. Get young boys together on the 4th and in a few moments they will be devising a plan to alter the intention of the pre-packaged firework into their own vision of how it is to be ignited. It is never enough to just light fuse and get away. We had more fun than one deserves with a few items found on the farm. When … more »