It’s a familiar word, but an increasingly unfamiliar concept. We spend gazillions of dollars on activities intended to help us relax, escape and have fun, but how much of it really is recreation?

Recreation is any activity that is capable of re-creating an internal state of peacefulness and well-being that otherwise gets diminished by the daily pressure of work and other responsibilities. You may be familiar with the Southwest Airlines commercials which ask, “Do you want to get away?” Our answer is an immediate “Yes!” But escape doesn’t necessarily equate to recreation.

I believe we have confused the word … more »

What is simple food and drink?

We get this question asked often, so we thought it best to have a better answer than “soup and sandwiches.” How ironic that the phrase “simple food and drink” needs an explanation.

When quality ingredients are prepared naturally and skillfully and shared with good friends, you have the making of a great meal. Let me tell a story to illustrate.

Several years ago I got the chance to travel to Kenya and Uganda in East Africa to visit friends I knew living there. One night I was taken several miles away into a very remote village to spend some time … more »