I find myself constantly asking the question, “Why did that get discovered?”

Like making meringue. Who was the first person to figure out that air could be whipped into egg whites, and just how long ago was that?

Or wheat. Who got the idea to grind up the seed pods of that golden grass and turn it into all sorts of amazing breads, pastas, pastries, cakes, and such?

And tomatoes, long thought to be poisonous. Who was the guy who defied convention and started eating them?

And processes like making wine. We have record that it’s been with us for … more »


We had an exchange student from Scotland stay with us years ago. I enjoy seeing how cultures differ and sometimes collide as a result of those differences. You know you are experiencing culture shock when you find yourself regularly asking “Why do they do it that way?”

This student was struck by how the Americans that he encountered took their coffee, i.e., with lots of things added like sugar, artificial sweetener, cream, half and half, whole milk, two percent, skim, turbinado, chocolate, not to mention those ubiquitous bottles of Monin or Torani flavoring that line the shelf behind any barista. … more »


I remember when and where my interest in cheese was raised. My wife and I were on an anniversary trip to San Francisco and we decided to stroll through the cozy little town of Mill Valley. We came upon a little store simply called The Cheese Shop. It has got to be one of the most unique sensory experiences with food ever.

Stepping into the shop was something like slipping into a bed between two flannel sheets. The air didn’t just have an aroma; it’s more like it had texture. The humidity of the salt air from the nearby ocean, … more »

When to eat at bread&cup

Since you haven’t yet experienced bread&cup, we’d like to help you see what we see. We’re more than just your lunch and dinner spot. We’re an all day long destination.

Open at 7am each morning with coffee, cinnamon rolls, muffins and other pastries.

Lunch and Dinner
Served 11-7pm daily.

Morning Coffee
Meet your girlfriends at our place this time. Do your walk together over the bridge, around the ball park and back, then stop in for refreshment and cool off on the patio.

After the Lied Center
Want to talk about the performance, but don’t want to sit with … more »

How to eat at bread&cup.

Any time I enter a new place to eat, I want to know what makes it special. It’s different than just asking the server, “What’s good here?” Tattoo Boy at the counter at a pizza joint might respond with the obvious, “Pizza?!?” But tell me what kind I should get? Tell me what you would order. Is there a special way to order it that I may not know about? I like to hear stuff like, “Oh, yeah, I get the Big Dog slice; add cream cheese and a side of green pesto. It’s my total favorite!”

That’s what I’m … more »

The Name

We wanted a name that would embody our value of simplicity and represent the spirit of what we were trying to accomplish. The words needed to be representative of our menu.

The first word, bread, was pretty easy. Since handmade, artisan bread will be a cornerstone of our concept, we started with it.

Bread and…..

What would we add to it?

Wine has for ages been the drink of choice with bread, any kind of food for that matter.

Bread and Wine?

Too plain. Too limiting.

Beer is a form of bread, since its made with the same ingredients of

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An environment where we would LOVE to bring our friends.

As I’ve said before, food is a terribly personal expression. The better experiences we remember are most assuredly presented by creators that deeply care about what they give you.

Food does not lie. It will tell you how it was treated in its journey from inception to your table. You will hear its story loud and clear. If mistreated, it will bear those marks. If it was handled with care, it will also be just as obvious. And that’s what makes you want to return to hear its story over and over again.

This is the environment we want you … more »

Serve food we LOVE to make and eat.

If you ever watch the Food Network show, Iron Chef, you may have heard a challenger use this response when asked, “What was your inspiration for your food?”

“I relied on that which I was most comfortable and familiar.”

Even at that high level of expertise, the chef went with what he knew, relying on the gut and instinct. We’ve taken a similar approach to developing our menu.

Again, we could have done research on what’s the latest, hottest trend in fast casual dining, but instead we looked at our own table to what and how we ourselves were eating.… more »